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Who is the face behind the mask?

Hi!  I'm Stephanie Tekel, 60 years young. I have experienced many of the same weight struggles that both men and women have gone through. After gaining the freshmen 15 and another 80 pounds, I finally weighed in at 210 pounds!


I decided then that that was it and I worked very hard on my own to lose the weight. Throughout the years I have researched and read everything I could get my hands on about nutrition and weight loss.  All of us will always will be a work in progress until the day we leave this world. But every day I work at being the best I can be, both physically and mentally. There are always roadblocks and detours thrown our way, but it's all for a reason. We might not understand it when it happens but down the road it starts to make sense. I decided to share my experiences with men and women who have had the same issues.


Everyone I spoke to was a yo-yo dieter and either had a lapband, gastric bypass, or some kind of surgery and nothing worked. I knew from experience that most of it if not all is psychological. So I asked questions and listened to what my clients were saying and I was able to help them finally lose their weight and keep it off.

I became so successful because I understood them.  I've been in their shoes and had experienced many of the same things. A lot of clinicians and doctors have never been fat and don't know what it feels like. I design individual life plans for my clients to follow, some to suit their blood type and others to be gluten free and much more. My clients will be with me for life. I may take them shopping, give them complete makeovers, and teach them great exercise moves.  Whatever it takes! I am available day and night.


I started Love You Cavi-Lipo and Skincare  because as I am getting older the elasticity in my skin is becoming loose and my skin is beginning to sag. Even though a day never goes by that my husband tells me how beautiful I am,  I didn't like the way I looked to myself. Also my clients both bigger or smaller all had issues with loose fat that they wanted to get rid of. That's how I started this business. I became a skin specialist to try and correct things about myself that I was uncomfortable with. I decided to share my experiences with others so we can resolve these issues together.


I chose cavi-Lipo - Best results in only 1 treatment. No side effects, no downtime, no bruising, bleeding -  nothing but comfort and great results. And now I run the new revolution cavi Lipo GT - the only one in Florida with the light therapy. The results are amazing. I charge the same as the other people with the old cavi-Lipo machine but I give you the light therapy for no extra charge. Fat be gone.


We may never be as comfortable in our own skin as we would like, but we can come close to being the most beautiful person we can be without resorting to dangerous procedures. I love making others feel as beautiful as I try to make myself feel. I don't recommend or do any treatments on anyone I haven' t tried myself. I only do things that make us look and feel younger.


That's how I came up with my company's name, LOVE YOU.

You have to love you first.

Then I will show you how to love you more

Can't wait to start our journey together.


Stephanie Tekel


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