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Support and advice

Coaching to make weight loss easy

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Adopting a healthy lifestyle and changing attitudes about food is challenging and we're happy to be here to help. Count on our weight loss coaches to be there with the focused advice and support you need to shed pounds the easy way and keep them off. We're proud to be part of the team that makes you feel great, look great and make the right changes for lifetime health and wellness.

The right path to a healthy new you

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• Help to make lifestyle adjustments for a lasting sense of

   well being and health

• Expert recommendations for treatment regimens and more

• Support throughout the weight loss process

• Coaching combined with effective dietary and fat eliminating


You have nothing to lose- except the weight. Connect with an expert weight loss coach and start your journey to improved health and quality of life today. An investment in your health is an investment in your future, and we're proud to be by your side throughout the entire weight loss process!

Medically supervised HCG program with coaching.



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I have to be honest,  I was truly skeptical at first. But after just one (introductory $100) treatment I was SOLD!!!


Stephanie is the most honest ethical business owner you could ever meet, she truly has a passion to help her clients be their best selves!! The day after my first cavi-lipo treatment, I knew it was going to work really well for me. I had paid my intro offer fee, but the next day wanted to sign on for a "package" which she was more than willing to accommodate and include the fee I had paid the day before. Stephanie is AWESOME!!!! I have now had five of my six package treatments, and I am beyond pleased with the results! I will share my next package with my husband; who was a disbeliever at first; now HE wants in on the secret!....The procedure is very relaxing and TOTALLY painless!  


We think nothing of  spending hundreds of dollars each month on dinners and entertainment out....for a little while, we will be dining IN and spending our  disposable income improving ourselves!!!


- Ray S.



Absolutely awesome experience.  Stephanie is a great support and is always available to guide you.  She checks in daily and is very motivating.  The program is so east to follow and IT WORKS!! I strongly recommend it to try.  You will not be disappointed.


- Marcy G.



Being a guy, I was a little apprehensive calling about getting the Cavi Lipo treatment. Stephanie is incredibly nice, well versed in the process and was very patient explaining it to me and answering every question I had. I can honestly say, I am grateful that I called her.


I have been there three times so far and I am seeing results. She is very adamant that I wear a compression wrap under my shirt after the treatments and she gave me one to use. She even calls and text's me to make sure I am wearing it, she really does care that it works for me. I am very happy and pleased that I did call her for the treatments and I feel that she truly care about me and I already consider her a friend.


I am bit conservative and generally would not be comfortable having anything like this done but Stephanie made me feel very comfortable and not embarassed at all. I find myself looking forward to my next appointment.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat, she's fantastic, cares about you and makes sure you get the most out of the treatments.


- Phil M.



I really have nothing but good things to say. Stephanie is really passionate about what she does, so unlike other HCG programs, you have someone who responds to you morning noon and night and STAYS ON TOP of your progress- daily. She doesnt just hand the program to you and allows you to sink or swim. She is very involved HUGE difference between her and another place I've tried. The difference with the and her was 2 lbs and starving in one week vs 8.8 lbs in one week and not hungry. Thats why I'm willing to use her services even tho I'm several states away.

Thanks Lady!


- Khia J.



Dear Stephanie:


This is a note of gratitude and appreciation.


After our last session, had a speaking engagement in South Carolina, so I again found myself overindulging in food (including brownies and lasagna), without any opportunity to exercise, for four days.  Am now returned to Virginia, and after being back on my diet and exercise routine for only two days, was amazed this Wednesday morning to find that I did not gain any weight!  You took two years of accumulated fat off me, and it has not come back.  My belt is returned to where it was two years ago, at the first notch--and the belt does not lie!  The mirror doesn't lie either.


Steph, you are truly a miracle worker!  Thanks so much for liberating me from my spare tire.  You have given me new hope and determination to live healthy and to keep the fat off.  Except for the surgeon who saved my eye, I have never been so grateful to any doctor or to anyone in the medical profession as I am to you, for the great improvement you have made in my life.  As far as I am concerned, you are "Dr. Stephanie."


Thanks Again!


--Peter P.